How It Started…

Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin and I am the founder of the Prius Power Up! Here is my story and how this all came to be…

My first car was a second hand 2008 Prius that I acquired in 2013 with roughly 75,000 miles. It was a base model in the color Pine Mica. It is still running today and even has some upgrades! When I saw this car’s unique color (I’m a sucker for standing out on the road in terms of car color) and heard what kind of mileage I’d be getting this car seemed irresistible! Besides, what 17 year old wants to pay more than like $20 (back then of course…) to fill their gas tank? Not me! Here’s a promo picture for reference:

In the beginning, I would get comments that my car looked like a hill of grass or that it was a “tree hugger car”. But those comments didn’t bother me when I knew I was saving money and my planet (in hindsight, that does sound tree hugger-ish, huh?). I also knew this car would run forever, has a high safety rating (4 stars) according to the NHTSA, and is environmentally much more friendly than many other cars on the road during the 2010’s.

Fast track about 10 years. I drove that Prius everywhere and probably put more wear and tear on it than you might imagine. I only put about 75,000 more miles on it but it always got me from point A to point B. Plus, it’s super low maintenance and has required only small repairs! (Pro Tip: if you have concerns, you can always depend on the Prius Chat forums to give you any answers you’re looking for!) As much as I loved this car, in the last few years, I decided I was ready for an upgrade…

At the end of 2022, I started hunting for my next set of wheels, but I loved my first Prius so much that I chose to find myself another one! And in April of 2023, I found my current ride: a 2013 Sea Glass Pearl Prius Three! My three requirements were 1) it needed to be a Prius (of course), 2) I really wanted the Sea Glass Pearl color (again, I had to have the most unique color), and 3) I reeeaaaally wanted one with a solar panel/sunroof! And with some perseverance, I was able to find just that!

And so I am driving around in my dream car (at least this is the dream right now!) and my other Prius is safe and sound with my family, who drive it regularly (and even prefer it to their own cars is seems)! And because I am so proud of my ride, I made a little pendent that I have hung from the rear view mirror in the shape of a lightning bolt (it had do be, right?). It serves as my reminder to stay proud of my car and the good it’s doing for the environment in terms of increased fuel economy and reducing emissions. And I know I’ll be able to drive it until the wheels fall off which I’m hoping will be long after the 500,000 mile mark, as I’ve seen in many other Prius models! I want others to feel as proud of their Prius as I am, so I began making these pendants to be given out as a way to unite Prius drivers and shed a little light and happiness on those who receive one!

So please join me in representing the Prius Posse by hanging your Power Up and repping with the rest of us! See you all on the road!

Caitlin – Founder